Safety Quality Teamwork

Our motto reminds us to always put safety first, to work together as a team and to consistently provide quality products and services to our customers.  We stand behind our work and we take pride in everything we do! 

HMC Instrumentation & Controls

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We turnkey manufacture custom control systems that are built to your specifications and requirements. – Safety Quality Teamwork

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  Safety Quality Teamwork

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Onshore, Offshore, International and Domestic Instrument and Electrical Field Service for trouble shooting repair work and new construction. Safety Quality Teamwork

Inspectors • Instrument Fitters •  Electricians • Welders  • Pipefitters

ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED - Our certificate from ABS can be downloaded here. CERTIFICATE #50534

A Symbol of Quality

The Meaning Behind the HMC Emblem

The Shape - The first thing you may notice is the overall design and shape of our emblem. If you have ever worked with a P&Id then our emblem probably looks like something you have seen before. That is because it was purposely desgined to be similar to symbols that represent control devices in a DCS. This symbolizes the fact that we at HMC understand the logic behind the systems that we service and manufacture and also have an in depth knowledge of associated engineering and design concepts.

The Globe Valve - The globe valve represents that we are a global company specializing in control systems. The position of the letters Hmc at the left, middle top and right of the globe valve represents that Hmc can control all phases of a project from beginning all the way through to the end.

The Diamond - The diamond shape stands for the oil and gas industry.

The Circle - The circle stands for teamwork and symbolizes that the entire Hmc team supports and surrounds the inner workings of our operation and the solidarity of our corporate culture.
The Acronym - Hmc is an acronym which stands for Highly Mobile Crew. HMC began as a field service company and earned a good reputation for its ability to quickly mobilize crews of highly knowledgable and skilled craftsmen.

Our Motto and Who We Are - Since 2006 Hmc has been reinvesting heavily in itself and the employees who make it happen everyday. We are now a turnkey manufacturing and field service company with over 300 employees. We are a global force. A solid team of likeminded individuals with one common goal. Safety quality teamwork. Our motto and constant reminder to always put safety first, to work together as a team and to consistently provide quality products and services.


Charles E. McDaniel II
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